Sweet Cloud (Inspired by PDM Oriana)

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Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: MandarinBergamotGrapefruit Heart Notes: Orange BlossomBlackcurrantRaspberry Base Notes: MarshmallowChantilly CreamMuskAmbrette The Fragrance Sweet Cloud: Drift into a Dream Imagine floating on a soft, fragrant cloud, where the sun's first rays gently awaken a garden in full bloom....

Size: 1ml

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Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes:


Heart Notes:

Orange Blossom

Base Notes:

Chantilly Cream

The Fragrance

Sweet Cloud: Drift into a Dream

Imagine floating on a soft, fragrant cloud, where the sun's first rays gently awaken a garden in full bloom. This is the world of Sweet Cloud, a perfume oil that captures the essence of pure bliss and enchanting elegance.

As you close your eyes and take a deep breath, the journey begins with a sparkling burst of mandarin, bergamot, and grapefruit. These bright, citrusy top notes dance in the air, lifting your spirits and evoking the carefree joy of a sun-drenched morning.

As the citrus notes settle, a heart of delicate orange blossom, juicy blackcurrant, and luscious raspberry unfolds, enveloping you in a sweet and fruity embrace. This playful bouquet of scents transports you to a magical orchard, where every blossom and berry shines with vibrant color and tantalizing fragrance.

Finally, as the day transitions to a serene twilight, the warm and comforting base notes of marshmallow, Chantilly cream, musk, and ambrette emerge. They create a dreamy, velvety finish that lingers on your skin, like the tender caress of a cloud at dusk.

Sweet Cloud is more than just a fragrance; it's an invitation to escape into a world of sweet serenity and luxurious delight. Perfect for those who seek a touch of whimsy and elegance in their daily lives, this perfume oil will wrap you in a gentle, enchanting aura that is both memorable and irresistible. Embrace the magic of Sweet Cloud and let your senses drift into a dream.


Alcohol Free

Gender: Unisex

Applicator: Roller 


How to apply


In this case, less really is more (3ml can last you a month).

1. Apply a small amount of the oil to your pulse points, such as the inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your earlobes, and along your neck and jawline. These areas generate heat and can enhance the fragrance's performance.

2. Avoid rubbing the oil into your skin, as this can break down the scent. Instead, let your body heat activate the fragrance throughout the day.

3. For an even more potent scent, apply the oil to the back of your hand, the tips of your beard, or the ends of your hair.

4. Be careful when applying the oil to clothing, as it can stain fabric. If you want to apply the oil to your clothing, apply a small amount to your hands, rub them together, and then wipe them on your clothing.

5. Lastly, reapply the perfume oil throughout the day as needed to maintain the scent's longevity.



Our fragrance oils are alcohol-free alternatives for customers who seek alcohol-free perfumes; they are not affiliated with the designer brands themselves.

Safety Warning our perfume oils are highly concentrated and may cause allergic reactions always perform a test patch; avoid use if a rash or similar reaction occurs.

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