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Rasasi Shuhrah Pour Femme | The Perfume Treasury

Rasasi Shuhrah Pour Femme

Rasasi Shuhrah pour femme is another one of Rasasi popular perfumes, this perfume is beautifully blended Shuhrah pour femme for ladies is a flowery ode to feminine elegance that combines...
Rasasi Hawas Perfume

Rasasi Hawas For Him

Hawas for Him is an aquatic men's perfume that combines cinnamon, bergamot, orange blossom, grey, amber, and sandalwood to evoke masculine strength and vigour.This elegant woody fragrance combines premium Italian...
Rasasi Hawas Perfume

Rasasi Hawas For Her

Hawas for Her is a floral perfume for women created by Rasasi. In 2015, Hawas for Her debuted.Hawas for Her is a haute couture perfume that combines pomegranate, jasmine sambac,...
Rasasi Daarej Pour Homme

Rasasi Daarej Pour Homme

Rasasi's Daarej pour Homme is an Amber Spicy fragrance for men that is another of our personal favourites. Daarej Pour Homme is a spicy, flirtatious, and romantic fragrance that begins...
Rasasi Qasamat Bareeq Perfume

Rasasi Qasamat Bareeq Unisex

Qasamat Bareeq is a fascinating and lovely voyage of self-discovery. Bareeq encompasses a diverse cosmos uniquely blended, celebrating Europe's modernism, Asia's deep spiritual serenity, and Africa's raw natural beauty through...
Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 | Rumz Al Rasasi | The Perfume Treasury

Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui (Zebra)

Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui is a fragrance that highlights the masculine species' strength and grace, inspired by the grace and fluidity of zebra. 9325 is the inaugural issue...
Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 | Rasasi Pour Lui | The Perfume Treasury

Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 Pour Lui (Leopard)

This leopard-inspired fragrance embodies strength, determination, dexterity, raw energy, and the pure male charm of a man's personality. Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 for men is a warm and energetic fragrance...
Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 | Rumz Al Rasasi Pour Lui | The Perfume Treasury

Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Pour Lui (Crocodile)

Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Pour Lui is a scent that celebrates strength and appeal in a dangerously edgy and disarming way, evoking the intrigue, mystery, power, and vitality of male...